Nothing Matters When You’re Dancing

I’m out of New York and back in East Lansing. It’s good to be back, the 2 weeks I spent at home were rough, but I miss New York so much.

Being back in Michigan for the past 2.5 weeks has made this whole summer seem like some faint memory. I have all these great memories of New York and of my internship and everything, but it just kind of seems like I was never there, like I wasn’t living on my own in New York for three months. It seems like a dream or something.

I have a poster of a Manhattan map right above my desk, reminding me to work hard so I can go back. I can see L.E.S. and kind of pin-point where I lived, and I can definitely pin-point where I worked, and some of my favorite places. Iiiiiiiii miss it. I miss just being able to say I lived in New York, and worked in New York, and walked around New York, and all that jazz.

Anyway. My room is a huge mess. All I have set up is my desk (not organized, just put together), closet, and book shelf– except I haven’t organized my books yet. I have a bunch of shit on my floor and a lot of other posters to put up and my stuff to organize and what not…but the room feels pretty alright. Once I put more effort into organizing it I think it will be good.

I can’t believe this is my senior year. I’m about 50% excited and 50% freaking out. That percentage changes daily, though. Sometimes it’s more of a 60/40 thing, and sometimes it’s like a 10/90 thing. I have a feeling as graduation moves closer (THE FUCK, SCHOOL HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET) I’m going to be freaking out way more, especially if I haven’t found a job yet. I just want to road trip to California and hang out with famous people.

Aw sheeeeeeeeeeeesh, ya’ll.


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One response to “Nothing Matters When You’re Dancing

  • Liz

    Job hunting is hard. I advise you to start early.

    I kinda know what you mean about feeling like NY never happened, although I’ve never interned/lived away for that long, not including Ann Arbor.

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