New York I Love You

Every weekend I’m in this fantastic city I love it more and more. I can’t imagine coming home in 5 weeks. I don’t even want to think about it.

This week has been exceptionally nice. It’s been sunny and nice out everyday, and this weekend has been really hot, but there is not one single cloud in the sky and it makes being outside so enjoyable (and sweaty. But mostly enjoyable).

On Friday I sat outside at Bryant Park and read for a few hours, and I also got sprinkled on, which was really refreshing. But that night I went out for a friends birthday dinner, and we went to this cool Asian-themed restaurant called SEA in Williamsburg, and after that we went to the South Side Sea Port where PUMA has set up a lot of things revolving around the World Cup (woooo) including a fun dance party– complete with foosball and ping pong. The ping pong table was hard to get to, but the group of friends I was with pretty much controlled foosball all night when we weren’t taking up the majority of the dance floor.

On Saturday the Brooklyn Museum had Target First Saturdays, which is just some cool free stuff that Target sponsors at the Brooklyn Museum. We walked around and looked at the Andy Warhol exhibit which was very interesting, it was more of his abstract stuff and less of his pop-art, so it was a side to his art that you don’t hear about or see very often. I really enjoyed it. After that we went outside to the parking lot and saw an Art Battle, which was were 4 painters painted for 15 minutes and we got to vote for whoever had the best one. The theme was American Idols (or something like that) so one girl did Woody Allen (which was really cool but it looked like she didn’t finish), someone did some Indian (also really cool), someone did Madonna/Lady Gaga (hard to tell, but her fingers were in her mouth!), and then the last guy had a really cool painting and then he put some afro-tastic guy on it (I have no idea who the person was) but it was still cool. It was very interesting to watch.

After the Art Battle they turned the parking lot into an epic dance party. I don’t think I can explain how many people were in this parking lot. It looked like people waiting at the main stage for Lollapalooza. It. Was. Awesome. And epic. We got right in there and busted some moves. They were playing like 80’s reggae and pop music and rap and stuff, it was a lot of fun. Then we came back into Manhattan and went to a few bars on my street, which was super convenient for me, dancing some more, and called it a night.

Sunday was the 4th of July, and I went over to Bushwick to watch the fire works. We had a nice spread of food and we did some grilling, and when it was dark out we went onto the roof and could see fireworks in every direction we looked. It was literally 360 degrees of fireworks, very cool. We hung out on the roof for the rest of the night and it was fun.

Now I am waiting to head back to Williamsburg to go see Beirut! Ahhhh I can’t wait. I love Beirut! I’m very excited!

Anyway. Like I said, I, sadly, only have 5 weeks left and still there is so much to do! I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown by.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! lovelovelove


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