Lightning Strikes Twice In New York

Sorry I’ve been so boring to anyone who reads this. I’ve been spending a lot of my time just wandering around the city, and getting lost in Central Park. So far, of the week I’ve been here, getting lost in Central Park is my favorite thing to do (in the daytime, of course). It’s just so huge! My first day walking around inside I ended up walking in a 20 minute circle, completely unknowingly. My second day there, I walked in on 57th street and out on 64th street. There is just so much to see and walk through. There are piles of rock that people just climb and lay out on and read, and on a second adventure I found a waterfall there. I really want to find the zoo, and the museum of natural history (DINOSAURS!), and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir (for you, Samantha).

Another place I have been spending my free time is Bryant Park. It’s just a nice outdoors area where people just sit and read, with a cute little cafe. It’s no where near as big as central park, mostly because it’s just a square of land, but there are chairs and table and a nice fountain!

Everything here is just like a giant adventure. Every time I leave my dorm its just to go explore more areas. I’ve walked around the Lower East Side a little, and I still have to walk around Greenwich Village and SoHo and some other areas, and I haven’t made it out to Brooklyn yet but I’ll get there soon. Even when there is nothing to do, it is just exciting to be walking around because everything here is just so different from being in Detroit. And the people watching! No matter where I am– the subway, a park, just walking around– there are just so many different people here. I love it. I get so distracted when I’m outside reading a book and I just stare at people (not in the creepy way, it just kind of happens).

Anyway. Yeah. The weather this past weekend has been kind of cloudy and overcast, but now it’s really nice, so I’m going to be spending a lot more free time outside reading 🙂

Hope everyone’s summer is going fantastically.


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