Island on the Coast

The past few days have been pretty similar to my first few days in the city. I started my internship a few days ago, which has been exciting. I haven’t really gotten into the swing of things yet, but one of my supervisors is out of town, so I think next week will give me a better ideal of what I’ll be doing this summer.

Monday after work, Brett and I had dinner at The Mermaid Oyster Bar. Neither of us had ever had an oyster before, so we got some. It was definitely interesting. And slimy. And it wasn’t bad, but I can’t say I’ll be the first to order them again. The other food we got was very good though. It was a very nice restaurant. Brett left yesterday evening, so I’m like on my own fo real now.

I didn’t have to go into work today so I took some time to walk around the Lower East Side some more. I found some neat little stores and restaurants, and then went to Whole Foods to pick up some groceries. The Whole Feeds has an entire room dedicated to beer– but the dorm I am staying in is alcohol-free, so I couldn’t get any.

Speaking of my dorm, my roommate still hasn’t shown up. I have no idea where she is, she was supposed to move in before me. She hasn’t answered any of my messages either. It’s not that big of a deal, I guess, I would just like to know if anyone is going to move in.

That’s pretty much all thats happened the past few days. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be really nice so I think I’m going to go walk through Central Park. When it’s rainy in NY its pretty dreary, but when it’s sunny it’s really nice to be outside. But also really hot and humid. It should be nice the rest of this week and the weekend though, so I’m going to try and walk around outside a lot and learn more about the city.


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