These Shoes Were Made For Walking…

I need shoes that were made for walking. Two days in the city and we haven’t stopped moving. It’s exciting, fun, amazing, and also incredibly tiring. My feet are incredibly sore.

Anyway. Brett and I got to the airport and were about to board the plane, when who do we see? Our high school Spanish teacher. We stayed, talked, and ended up sitting right behind him and his wife on the way to New York. Weird. The flight was fine, dozed off a little, and landed in New York around 10:20. We took a cab to my dorm, and started unpacking. It sucks being in a dorm after living in an apartment. Having no space to myself, a tiny (and i mean TINY) closet, a lofted bed, and a very small bathroom are not things I am looking forward to. But I have a really nice view. My room is a corner room so I have more windows, and one window looks right out onto the Williamsburg Bridge.

I unpacked all of my clothes and other belongings, and Brett and I took the subway to midtown/ Columbus Circle, which is where I’ll be working. After, we met up with our friend Laura and walked around Union Square / East Village, and went to this really quaint little Mexican restaurant called Mary Ann’s. They had homemade chips and salsa (absolutely some of the best salsa I have ever had) and a really good brunch deal- $12 for one entree, soup/salad, and a margarita. It was delicious. And it’s pretty close to my dorm.

After eating, we had to walk it off. So we walked more around that area, and went back and walked around Union Square, and just hung out for a little while. Then, later that night, Brett and I went over to his friends Matt’s apartment and hung out there with a few friends. We went on the roof and had a really beautiful view of the city.

Today, we walked more around the Columbus Circle area and walked near Central Park. We also went and saw Times Square (I saw a huge LOST series finale ad at the ABC building) and then we walked around Rockefeller center and I saw the statue that they show in the intro to 30 rock. After Rockefeller, we went and ate lunch and then went to the Museum of Modern Art.

MoMA had some very interesting things. The main exhibition was called “The Artist is Present” by Marina Abramovic. Basically, in an atrium, there was a big square outlined on the floor. Inside the square were 2 chairs, she sat in one, and the other was empty. Any guest could walk in and sit in the other chair and start at Abramovic silently, for as long as they wanted. Brett and I were at the museum for about 2.5 hours and only like 3 or 4 people sat in the chair, because they decided to sit and stare silently for a very long time. All of her artwork was pretty interesting, it was mostly about her in her art and things like that, and there was a lot of nudity. There was one piece where a naked man was lying down with a skeleton on top of him, and it wasn’t like a picture or a painting, there was a real naked dude with a skeleton on top of him right in front of your face. There was also a piece where two naked women stood facing each other, and people could walk through them.

There was also a whole room with paintings and things by Picasso, and those were amazing. They showed different stages of certain pieces, and a lot of his art work was based off of his feelings about the many (MANY) different women he was sleeping with.

There was a floor about architecture and design which had some pretty cool things. One of which was just @ on the wall. Modern art, right? There was also a big screen that you could touch, and on the screen it had different balloons and you would poke the balloon with your finger and it would pop, and what would come out would be a little quote or a little blurb. These little blurbs were different things from different dating sites, it was really interesting and kind of weird and also kind of creepy. A Stars song was playing, so I really liked it.

After the MoMA we just walked around the Lower East Side for a while, looking at different things around my dorm- restaurants, shops, bars, parks, etc. I live pretty close to China Town and Little Italy, so we walked through there and got some gelato.

And now, after two long days, I am exhausted. And I could really use a foot massage. Tomorrow I think I’ll probably go get new/better walking shoes (Converse are not cutting it) and then I’m going to meet with my internship adviser, and then who knows. Tomorrow for dinner Brett and I are going to The Mermaid Inn, which just won best new seafood restaurant in NYC, and it is also Zach Braff’s restaurant. Wooooo.


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4 responses to “These Shoes Were Made For Walking…

  • Stephanie L.

    when i was there for spring break i ran into the same shoe issue. i got some shoes at a place called ‘shoegasm.’ they have a lot of varieties, are decent prices and are often on sale. i got a pair of 2-tone brown saddle shoes since they lace but have a solid sole. i know those arent for everyone, so definitely check out that store. sperry topsiders are always great too. good luck!!!

  • Mindy Hu

    I can’t wait until you tell me about The Mermaid Inn. Wasn’t that motel in The O.C. like the Mermaid or something? IDK maybe I am making this up.
    Also, my flight for London may be canceled due to Eyjafjallajokul (I looked that up and copy and pasted it because no way in hell can I spell that). But I will know tomorrow…. fingers crossed it’s not. Home blows, I need my independence back and GTFOutta huurrrr.

  • Feemz

    HI I MISS YOU. Sadface didn’t catch you online this morning. Good luck at work! And glad you’re going to that seafood place lolz. AND OMG LOST, FINALE SO SOON AHHHHH.

    • Feemz

      PS. It’s sad that your wordpress comment thread has been my main source of communication with you. (Although kind of fitting, since our friendship kind of started in a comment thread too πŸ˜€ )

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