Hedonistic Me

I’m in the tedious process of packing for my summer in New York.

My brothers bed is currently packed with 3 months worth of clothes, two pairs of sheets, some towels, and some other accessory type things (belts, hangers, shoes, etc). Thankfully he won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon so I have to time move all my stuff someplace else (like suitcases?! wut?!)

Anyway, I’m going to edit some of my old entries from this blog and use it as a summer-blog so I can remember some of the hopefully awesome things I’ll have done in New York this summer. So from this point on some entries in the past that were previously public are now password-protected.

I miss everyone already, though.

Also, everything I say is my own and no reflection of the company I am working for or any one else who works there.


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I'm a recent college graduate trying to make my way in the world. I watch as much TV as a TV critic, except I don't get paid to write about it. Yet. View all posts by manchelster

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