When I Lived Alone, Is There A Ghost In This House?

Within the next 2.5 weeks, I will have finished my junior year of college, I will have gone to California for to hang out with my family, and I will have moved to New York. EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING SO QUICKLY and I am FREAKING OUT.

I am INCREDIBLY excited for this summer. I am going to be living in New York (where I’ve always wanted to go), and working for a real entertainment company. I’ll be starting the life I’ve always imagined I’d have.

This will be my first summer where I haven’t been surrounded by my best friends. It’s frightening, but I know all of my friends will be doing exciting things.

I stared at this blank page for a while before deciding what to write on. The only reason I decided to write a new post was because of Jess’s comment on my last post (and she’s my wife, so I gotta listen to her!), but summer is quickly approaching, and while it’s not the only thing on my mind at the time, it’s taking up a good majority of my thoughts.


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I'm a recent college graduate trying to make my way in the world. I watch as much TV as a TV critic, except I don't get paid to write about it. Yet. View all posts by manchelster

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