Always Running Out Of Time

This is going to be a very narcissistic and needy post. But then again, it’s my blog, and I’m pretty sure only like 2 people read this, if that, and mostly it’s for me, soooo oh well. I’m sorry.

Things I Want:

  • The next two days to go by extremely quickly. EXTREMELY. QUICKLY.
  • 12:01 thursday night/friday morning so I can see Alice in Wonderland
  • SPRING BREAK and Florida
  • My birthday 3/29
  • Spoon 3/30
  • Chelsea Handler 4/2
  • An internship, or at least an interview for an internship, at least an inkling of hope that I won’t be stuck in the mitten this summer
  • A boyfriend
  • Courage
  • Productive study habits
  • A cleaner room
  • To spend time with my family
  • Better communication skills
  • Better ways to use my free time
  • Patience

As a sidenote to seeing Alice in Wonderland– ever since I got the Almost Alice soundtrack today I have not stopped listening to it. Soooo good.

Study time. [Lies].


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I'm a recent college graduate trying to make my way in the world. I watch as much TV as a TV critic, except I don't get paid to write about it. Yet. View all posts by manchelster

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