All My Stars Aligned

Hmm. A lot has happened recently. “It’s On With Alexa Chung” is no longer on air, and that displeases me greatly. “It’s On” was one of my favorite day-time talk shows, it was different then all the other talk shows- it appealed to a younger audience. Sure, there is Ellen, Oprah, The View, and like, Rachael Ray I guess, but none of those strictly appeal to the teenage/ young adult age group like Alexa Chung did. She always had a funny guest or two on, someone that teenagers would be interested in seeing and listening to, and she was always funny. And she also had different segments and different games, and allowed audiences to be involved in the show- she was always asking for people to post pictures and comments on facebook and twitter and she would show them on air. I am going to miss her greatly. I hope she gets another talk show, or at least can become a host on something else, she was amazing.

Also- Brittany Murphy died. SERIOUSLY, 2009, SERIOUSLY? This has not been a good year for celebrity lives. So many greats have left us, hopefully 2010 brings celebrities more luck with staying alive. They say she died of cardiac arrest, but I really think she OD’d. Have you SEEN her lately? She totally looks like a coked-out anorexic girl. I miss the days of “Clueless,” when she was playing adorable roles in adorable movies, and “Uptown Girls.” Either way, it’s a shame to lose another actor who made movies we have all enjoyed in the past.

Also- I’m sure there have been some new, less exciting developments with Tiger Woods. His transgressions have become less entertaining as time has gone on, except for the fact that now no one can find him? Oh Tiger…if you haven’t read his texts between him and his mistresses, you should, they are pretty hilarious.

Saw “Avatar,” which was really great. The dialogue was sub par, but everything else was absolutely amazing. The technology used to make this movie is incredibly amazing. I mean, they had to build special cameras and stuff just to film- this movie was 12 years in the making, and it cost more than $300 million dollars I think, I am pretty sure it broke records for most expensive movie made. It was so visually stimulating, it didn’t even matter that it was just shy of three hours long.

I am excited for movies to come out this week. “Up in the Air,” “Sherlock Holmes,” “It’s Complicated,” “Nine,” “A Single Man,” “Young Victoria,” I don’t know where I am going to get the time to see them all! I’m most excited for “Up in the Air,” I love Jason Reitman, and George Clooney, and Jason Bateman, and Anna Kendrick (She is so great in “Rocket Science”)

A new additive to my celebrity crushes- Joel McHale- the host of “The Soup” and also the main character on “Community.” He’s so funny on “The Soup,” and he’s attractive. AND his job mostly consists of him talking about pop culture and celebrity gossip- a huge plus! He’s kind of an ass on “Community,” but I can’t help but love him. Besides- if he weren’t an ass the show would not nearly be as entertaining, and it makes his on-and-off flirtation with Brita much better.

I need to get my life together and get an internship at E! so I can meet Joel McHale. And do other amazing entertainment-related things.


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