Make Adjustments Go Get It Energize.

Just some friendly advice from another one of my celebrity/TV crushes, Ted Mosby, from How I Met Your Mother.

Ted Mosby is the type of guy I want to find in life, more or less. He’s sweet and kind and has a great heart and he still has his flaws. And yes, I am aware that he is a fictional character, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still think about it, does it? He’s not the perfect (fictional) person, but he’s so easy to relate to.

He has spent four (going on five) seasons relaying to his kids the story of how he found the love of his life, their mother. It’s a wonderful plot for a show! It’s emotional in all the right ways, hilarious in all the right ways, and wrong in all the right ways. (By wrong I am clearly referring to Barney Stinson and about 80% of the things he says/does on the show).

But SERIOUSLY. What is there not to love about Ted? He’s passionate about almost everything he does in life, he’s not a quitter, he works hard, he knows how to have fun, these are all great qualities in a person, whether they be real or fictional. They are characteristics I am looking for in people I meet.

Oh Ted Mosby. How I wish I could meet a real-life version of you.


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